About Us

Established in 2011, Keystone Synergy and it’s subsidiaries, Keystone Oilfield Fabrication, Keystone Steel Services, Keystone Parts & Supply and Keystone Ironworks offer a dynamic array of design and fabrication services across a variety of industries. Centrally located in North Texas, the Keystone companies are well poised to bring quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service to their business partners both locally and across the country.

Keystone Oilfield Fabrication

Specializing in the design and fabrication of heavy grade oilfield transportation equipment and proppant storage, including single and dual t-belts, large volume mobile and stationary sand storage units, acid tanks, and off loading conveyors. Units can be designed for the specific needs of our clients to ensure the highest satisfaction.  Additional services include consultation and refurbish of outdated equipment. From our comprehensive Customer Support Agreements to our overall Parts and Service capabilities, we stand ready to meet all of your equipment needs.  Whether your equipment fails at the job site or you need to establish an on-going maintenance program for your entire equipment fleet,  KEYSTONE OILFIELD can help keep your equipment running efficiently.


Keystone Steel Services

Our facility is located on 20 acres supporting a 65,000 square foot plant complete with six bays and two 10-ton hoists in each bay. We are strategically located near our primary steel suppliers and other key vendors, as well as convenient access to railhead for shipping along with a fleet of company owned trucks and trailers for delivery. 40 welding stations are located throughout our shop facility coupled with a 70’x100’ beam line building with a cambering machine. We offer an on-site CNC plate burning table, plate rolling and press braking along with in-house painting and specialty coating. Miscellaneous steel projects including rails, stairs, and specialty orders accepted as well as large tonnage jobs.


On-Site estimators with a combined 85 years of industry experience offer value engineering alternatives for over-budget projects. Accurate and on-time budget pricing utilizing CIN, i sq ft, Reed Construction Data or your plan.


15+ years of in-house detailing experience along with off-site detailing available.


Providing on-site job assistance and project coordination while tracking your project through the critical areas to insure on-time delivery while working to eliminate RFIs and change orders.


Offering steel erection services through our experienced Keystone team or contracted services which are coordinated by Keystone Steel Services. Negotiated costs are based on our superior detailing, precise fabrication and industry experience. 


Our standard project incorporates between 100 tons and 1500 tons of structural steel. We specialize in structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication, including stairs and rails along with supplying joist and deck.  Regardless of the size, every project receives our utmost attention to ensure a smooth, on-time and on-budget completion. Steel is offered as FOB plant or delivered and with our without erection. 

We back our contemporary computer integration with 40+ years of steel fabrication experience to insure accuracy and timely delivery of your project. 

“If you can draw it, we can build it.  Better yet, if you can think it, we’ll detail it and get it built the way you want it!” ~ Larry Crist, Sr., Chairman  &  A. Craig Ray, President


Keystone Parts & Supply

We offer Complete Hydraulic Service repair and installation of hydraulic cylinders, pumps motors and valves for KEYSTONE and non-KEYSTONE mobile sand bins, unloading conveyors, “T-Belt’s”, cementing units, and acid equipment.  Fiberglass re-lining of acid transports and DOT inspection as well as after-market upgrades like hydraulic handrails and dust collection for sand bins is also available.

Keystone Ironworks

Creativity has no limits with our Keystone Ironworks division. From custom smokers to commercial grade specialty trailers, Keystone Ironworks can help you create a piece to uniquely brand your business.