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5 Reasons to Invest in Comprehensive Fleet Maintenance [infographic]

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Just like any mechanical device, vehicles wear down over time, and the vehicles in your fleet are no different. A comprehensive fleet maintenance program can help you properly maintain your vehicles while providing the following benefits:

1.   Save on fuel—As someone who manages a fleet of vehicles, you know exactly how much of your operation budget is spent on fuel. Fuel maintenance can improve the efficiency of your vehicles through wheel alignments, regular oil and filter changes, and ensuring proper tire pressure.

2.   Increase the lifespan of your vehicles—Regular fleet maintenance can help you quickly catch and stay on top of issues that could lead to irreparable damage. By fixing the little things quickly, you can enhance the lifespan of the vehicles in your fleet.

5 Reasons to Invest in Comprehensive Fleet Maintenance [infographic]

3.   Improve customer service—When one vehicle is down, your entire supply chain suffers. Staying on top of vehicle maintenance can prevent unexpected breakdowns that lead to delayed deliveries, stalled appointments, and a poor customer experience.

4.   Enhance driver satisfaction—Your drivers don’t want to keep spending time on the road because of another breakdown. Keep your vehicles running and your drivers happy by making maintenance a priority.

5.   Increase vehicle safety—If you do not properly maintain your fleet, mechanical issues can occur that compromise the safety of your vehicles. Regular maintenance can prevent these detrimental issues that could become a safety concern for your drivers.