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Boom Truck, Dallas, TX

We can service the boom trucks in your fleet.

A boom ruck, also known as a bucket truck, is a specialized type of vehicle equipped with a hydraulic lifting system and a platform that are mounted on top of an extendable arm. The main purpose of a boom truck is to elevate workers to perform tasks at elevated heights, such as trimming trees, maintaining overhead power lines, installing signage, or conducting building maintenance.

Boom Truck in Dallas, Texas

Today, many industries rely on boom trucks to perform their operations, including the construction, telecommunications, and utilities industries. While on a boom truck, the operator can control the elevation, extension, and rotation of the boom from within the bucket. Boom trucks come in a variety of configurations and sizes to accommodate different weight capacities and working heights.

If you have several boom trucks in your fleet, you recognize what a critical asset they are to your ongoing operations here in the Dallas, Texas area. If you need someone to service your boom truck and ensure it is ready to go, turn to us at Keystone Truck & Equipment. We are a trusted fleet management solutions provider, and we can help you keep your business’ boom trucks in proper working order.

Our goal is to exceed expectations with our fleet management solutions, improving the efficiency and reliability of the vehicles in your fleet. To learn more about our services for your boom truck or to schedule a consultation with us, get in touch with us today.

At Keystone Truck & Equipment, we offer boom truck service for those in Rhome, Midland, Odessa, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, and San Antonio, Texas, as well as Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.