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Keystone Mobile Maintenance delivers custom tailored preventative maintenance services to our customers on-site and in one setting. This Keystone entity comes readily equipped in a bobtail, high-capacity, multi-tank lube truck boasting the capability to PM either an entire construction site or truck fleet. Our team is able to service customer equipment at their various work sites, sparing fleet managers the burden of additional financial expenditures and wasted resources( including both man hours and mileage).

KS Mobile Maintenance provides a spectrum of PM services, ranging from oil changes and inspections, to filter changes, and everything in between. Services include the hauling and disposing of waste fluids and filters. This unique range of PM services is available for a vast amount of machinery covering a multitude of industries and is available 24/7 wherever you may be.

Keystone prioritizes the safety of it’s employees, customer’s employees, and fellow contractors. All members of the KS team are OSHA and H2S certified, and receive ongoing safety training.

KS prides itself on employing the most highly qualified personnel to provide customers with exceptional service.

Uniquely, KS Mobile maintenance makes it easier for customers to budget PMs and spend more economically. KS charges no hidden fees, consolidating prices into a singular invoice presented upfront to fleet managers. KS also offers personalized competitive pricing on all custom high volume services. Timely and efficient documentation of each PM is concisely provided on Keystone’s electronic field report. Keystone’s personalized and proprietary app allows each field technician to document all services, any deficiencies, and pictures indicating what was observed, including equipment identification numbers. This ensures prompt reporting and allows the customer to be well informed. Our team is eager to establish partnerships so that customers can take advantage of our exceptional services and start seeing the cost-saving benefits we are able to provide.

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