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Developing a Maintenance Schedule for Your Service Trucks

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Properly maintaining your service trucks enhances the efficiency of your fleet, prevents unexpected repairs and downtime, and helps you protect your business’ profits on an ongoing basis. Although all these benefits are definitely achievable, developing a maintenance schedule for your service trucks takes some careful thought. Here are some considerations for creating a workable, effective service truck maintenance schedule.

Developing a Maintenance Schedule for Your Service Trucks

Daily Trip Checks

Doing maintenance on your service trucks isn’t something that should happen only every few weeks or months. Train your fleet operators to complete pre-trip inspections to ensure their vehicles are safe and in good condition for the task at hand. Compile a list of all systems you should check daily, which may include the brakes, fluids, electrical systems, etc.

Seasonal Maintenance

The type of maintenance you do on your service trucks can depend on the weather. During the colder months of the year, perform maintenance on your trucks’ heater and defrosting system, as well as the anti-braking system for icy road conditions. During the warmer months of the year, inspect your trucks’ cooling systems, drain and flush the coolant, and do other tasks that can help preserve safety and your operations.

If you need help developing a maintenance plan for your service trucks, we are here for you. Contact us at Keystone Truck & Equipment today to discuss maintenance plan options for your entire fleet.