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Fleet Solutions 101: What is Fleet Management?

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You have a fleet of vehicles to help you run your business. But taking care of and managing these vehicles is a full-time job in and of itself. Fleet solutions are designed to manage the complex tasks of maintaining your transportation vehicles while ensuring they remain productive and help you generate revenue. With the right fleet solutions, you can reduce operational costs, keep your drivers safe, and maintain your standards for customer service.

Fleet Solutions 101: What is Fleet Management?

Most fleet management programs include the following components:

  • Vehicle remarketing—When one of the vehicles in your fleet reaches the end of its useful life, you want to get peak remarketing value for it. Gauging the timing of the sale and managing the condition of the vehicle can fall to the person in charge of your fleet management program.
  • Vehicle acquisition—This involves knowing which vehicles your operation needs and then negotiating with manufacturers to purchase them. You must know how to acquire the right kind of vehicle for the job it has to do, the conditions it will navigate, and the amount of weight it will carry.
  • Managed maintenance—The health of your fleet depends heavily on the maintenance your vehicles receive. Instituting maintenance policies based on geography, job, and vehicle type can help you save on repair costs, minimize wear and tear, and boost resale value.
  • Fuel program management—One of the largest expenses in your fleet budget is probably fuel. Acquiring data and negotiating a deal with suppliers can help you keep your fleet’s cost per mile at a lower rate.

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