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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair: Common Problems That We Can Solve for You

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Most heavy machinery, including cranes and excavators, rely on hydraulic cylinders to deliver powerful performance in demanding applications. However, even these robust components can succumb to the rigors of the job. When this happens, they can bring your time-sensitive operations to a grinding halt.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair: Common Problems That We Can Solve for You

Fortunately, our team here at Keystone Truck & Equipment can perform quick and efficient hydraulic cylinder repairs that will put your equipment back in commission in no time. Here are some of the problems that we commonly address:

  • Leaks. Hydraulic fluid leaks are one of the most common issues with hydraulic cylinders. They may stem from worn seals, damaged cylinder rods, or loose fittings. The fluid is essential for energy transmission; therefore, it’s crucial to identify the source of the leak and perform urgent hydraulic cylinder repairs to restore proper function.24
  • Seal Damage. Hydraulic cylinder seals play a crucial role in maintaining pressure and preventing leaks. Over time, these seals can degrade due to exposure to high temperatures, contamination, or general wear and tear. Our team can replace damaged seals with high-quality, durable alternatives to ensure optimal performance.
  • Bent or Damaged Rods. Cylinder rods are subjected to immense forces during operation, which can cause them to bend or become damaged. A bent rod can lead to uneven wear on the cylinder’s internal components and cause leaks. We can straighten or replace damaged rods to restore your cylinder’s functionality.
  • Corrosion. When hydraulic fluid becomes contaminated with moisture, it can lead to corrosion of the cylinder’s internal components. This corrosion can weaken the cylinder’s structural integrity, causing leaks, reduced power output, and overall system degradation. Our technicians can flush the hydraulic system, replace the contaminated fluid, and repair or replace any corroded components to restore your cylinder’s reliability and efficiency.

If you suspect your machinery needs hydraulic cylinder repair, contact us today for an urgent resolution.