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Reduce the Likelihood of Truck Repair by Improving Driver Communication

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Truck repair is almost a daily occurrence if you manage a fleet of vehicles. Although you expect the need to repair your trucks frequently, excess repairs can harm your operations by creating unexpected downtime and increasing maintenance costs. One of the ways you can reduce the need for truck repair is by enhancing the way your drivers communicate while on the job.

Reduce the Likelihood of Truck Repair by Improving Driver Communication

Here are some tips for enhancing driver communication and improving the reliability of the trucks in your fleet:

  • Thanks to technology, it is entirely possible to hire truck drivers and then never meet them face to face. Make the effort to get to know all of your drivers in person to develop stronger working relationships.
  • That being said, you should also leverage technology to reduce the likelihood of truck breakdowns. Set up a system that allows your drivers to send messages to a system in the event of breakdowns, slow-downs, delivery issues, or other situations.
  • Industry jargon can convolute information and messages your team members are trying to get to you. Establish an expectation for clear, concise communication that does not use specialized company terms to prevent miscommunications and delays.

Most importantly, to help your truck operators communicate better, you have to be willing to listen. When one of your drivers brings up a truck repair problem or another issue, do not brush it off – treat it as a priority to preserve the relationship and earn the trust of your fleet operators.