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What You Need to Know About Oil Change Services

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We at Keystone Truck & Equipment want to help you keep your trucks in excellent condition, and we offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services to do just that. One key maintenance task that you can’t afford to overlook is oil changes for your vehicles, and in this article, our team will explain why.

What You Need to Know About Oil Change Services

Many people know that it’s important to get their oil changed, but they don’t understand why or how often they should change it, so let’s start by going over why regular oil change services are necessary. The oil in your car’s engine lubricates the moving parts, which prevents them from rubbing together and creating friction. This, in turn, prevents the engine from overheating. The problem is that motor oil becomes less effective for this purpose over time, as soot from the engine will gradually accumulate in the oil. A regular oil change ensures your engine will not overheat and will continue to function smoothly.

Next, how often you need to schedule an oil change for your vehicle depends on a few different factors, including how long it’s been since your last change and how often you drive the vehicle. A vehicle that gets heavy use, such as a semi-truck, will generally need an oil change once every 6,000 miles or so, which works out to about once every six months. On the other hand, a driver who uses a smaller vehicle or doesn’t drive as much will need an oil change less frequently.

If you’re in need of an oil change, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our team today.