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Why You Need Truck A/C Service

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We at Keystone Truck & Equipment have extensive experience working on commercial trucks, and we are here to help you keep your fleet in excellent condition. Our team understands that different problems have varying levels of severity. Some problems, such as an overheated engine, need to be addressed right away, while others can wait a bit longer.

Why You Need Truck A/C Service

In our experience, some people assume A/C problems are a low-priority fix, but we are here to tell you this may be a more urgent issue than you might think. In this article, we’ll explain why you should schedule A/C service for your trucks as soon as possible when an issue develops.

  • Engine Performance – The first reason why you should schedule A/C service is because the A/C affects your engine performance. A working A/C system helps regulate the temperature of the vehicle under the hood and in the cabin, so it helps ensure the engine runs efficiently and won’t overheat.
  • Visibility – A malfunctioning A/C can also lead to visibility problems. On hot, humid summer days, the windshield can fog up, but a functioning A/C system will help combat this issue. Visibility is essential for the safety of your driver and all the other drivers on the road, so we encourage you to use our A/C services as soon as possible to make sure your drivers can always clearly see the road ahead of them.
  • Driver Health and Safety – Lastly, you should schedule prompt A/C service appointments to protect the health and safety of your drivers. Driving for hours in a hot truck cabin without A/C can put your drivers at risk of heat stroke or heat exhaustion, among other health problems. Air conditioning is therefore a requirement to maintain a safe working environment for your staff.