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3 Essential Pieces of Oilfield Equipment

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Here at Keystone Oilfield Fabrication LLC, we work with numerous oil drilling companies like yours. Our primary experience is in designing, building, and installing infrastructure, such as storage tanks and sand silos, but we are familiar with oilfield equipment as well.

3 Essential Pieces of Oilfield Equipment

In this article, we’d like to briefly describe a few key pieces of oilfield equipment you will need for your operation.

  • Blowout Preventer – One essential piece of oilfield equipment is a blowout preventer. During the drilling process, oil and natural gas are disturbed using a high-pressure slurry, which can cause these substances to come out of the well at high pressures as well. The blowout preventer is a safety device designed to shield your crew from the uncontrolled release of these substances.
  • Shale Shaker – Another essential piece of oilfield equipment is a sale shaker. These devices use vibrating screens to agitate the shale (the fragments of dirt and rock disturbed in the drilling process), causing it to separate from the drilling fluid. Separating the drilling fluid from the shales like this allows you to reuse the fluid, which can help you save money.
  • Mud Cleaners and Pumps – A third piece of oilfield equipment we’ll cover here is mud cleaners. The purpose of mud cleaners is to remove drilled solids from the mud created by oil drilling, which helps keep the drilling operation running efficiently and helps to protect the equipment from damage. A related type of equipment is mud pumps, which help keep the drilling fluid under high pressure so it can do its job effectively.