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3 Oilfield Design Mistakes to Avoid

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In our experience, our team at Keystone Oilfield Fabrication LLC has designed countless oilfields, and we would be honored to assist you with our oilfield design. We have been working in this industry for many years, and we take care to give each of our clients the outstanding results they are looking for.

 3 Oilfield Design Mistakes to Avoid

One of best ways to hone any skill is to study mistakes that have happened in the industry. In this article, we’ve relied on our thorough research to come up with the top three oilfield design mistakes to avoid.

  • Prioritizing Throughput Over Performance – In our experience, it’s a mistake to design your oilfield to maximize throughput instead optimizing its overall performance. Focusing too much on one aspect of your design, such as throughput, can lead to diminished performance overall. To avoid this, our team makes sure to consider all aspects of an operation during the design process, including efficiency, energy usage, and flexibility.
  • Not Consulting Operations Staff – Another mistake people often make when it comes to oilfield design is failing to consult the operations staff about the plans. A plan may look fine on paper, but unless you talk to the people who will be working in the facility and running the equipment, you won’t know how it will perform in practice.
  • Neglecting Employee Training – The last mistake we want to cover here has less to do with oilfield design and more to do with how you transition to the new facility. Your new oilfield will undoubtedly have some differences from the old one, and your employees will have to deal with a learning curve to master the new arrangement. To get the best results from your new facility, you should make employee training a priority. Scheduling training sessions for the new equipment and systems is the fastest way to get everyone up to speed.