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7 Things to Consider When Choosing New Cementing Equipment [infographic]

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When it comes to selecting cementing equipment for your oilfield operation, there is no such thing as a standard approach. You have several decisions to make regarding the ideal cementing equipment for your operation, and these decisions should be related to the following factors:

1.  Single or twin pumping unit—Whether you choose a single or twin pumping unit depends on the volume of your operation and daily output requirements.

2.  Skid, trailer, or truck mounted—Whether you go with skid, trailer, or truck mounted cementing equipment depends on the operation site and if you will need to move this equipment around easily.

3.  Desired instrumentation devices—You may need test equipment or other instrumentation devices that support your requirements for daily use.

7 Things to Consider When Choosing New Cementing Equipment [Infographic]

4.  Transmission capability—You want power from your site to be easily transmitted to your cementing equipment for optimal capacity.

5.  Engine configuration—The configuration of your equipment’s engine affects the way your cementing equipment performs and how it complements your production site.

6.  The addition of storage racks—You may need to store hoses on top of your cementing equipment for easy access, and the addition of storage racks can eliminate obstacles that prevent access.

7.  Heating or cooling packaging—Depending on the climate of your production site, you may need heating or cooling packaging to maintain a proper temperature for your cementing equipment.