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Safety Tips for Operations that Provide Oilfield Services

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The gas and oil extraction industries are necessary for society to continue functioning as we know it, but the workers involved are also at risk of injury. If your operation provides oilfield services, it is your responsibility to implement safety procedures that protect the health and safety of your workers.

Safety Tips for Operations that Provide Oilfield Services

As you continue to provide oilfield services, the following safety tips can help you prevent injuries and accidents within your operation:

  • Make a comprehensive safety plan to protect your workers. In most cases, this involves starting with the equipment you use. Take proper care of your machinery, and when you require your workers to work in the dark, always provide ample lighting.
  • Take steps to reduce trips, slips, and falls. These may include implementing safety measures that ensure dry surfaces, and you should also require your workers to wear proper safety gear.
  • Conduct regular safety trainings that all members of your operation must attend. At these trainings, emphasize the risks of providing oilfield services while introducing new programs and measures that encourage greater workplace safety.
  • Your workers may spend days, weeks, or even months away from home and from their families. Pay attention to the mental health of your workers to ensure your people continue to take workplace safety seriously.

Another part of maintaining workplace safety is by making sure you have access to all the right oilfield transportation equipment. Contact us at Keystone Oilfield Fabrication LLC to discuss your equipment needs.