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The Benefits of Custom-Built Sand Silos

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Having frac sand storage is an essential part of the oil drilling process. Depending on the size of your drilling site, you likely need sand silos to store the frac sand you need as you explore new oil sites. While there are many different types of frac sand storage on the market today, there are many benefits of custom-built sand silos for small to mid-sized oil drilling operations.

The Benefits of Custom-Built Sand Silos

  1. Loading – One of the benefits of custom-built sand silos is that the loading and unloading features can be adjusted for your outfit. For example, sand silos could be part of a small operation where truck unloading is possible, while larger drilling operations may require loading and unloading in rail cars. Customizing your sand silos for loading and unloading purposes can make your drilling process go more efficiently.
  2. Construction – Rather than using pre-built silos that you must then transport to a specified drilling location, custom-built sand silos can be manufactured to be delivered and built on site. This gives you more flexibility in their design, as well as options in the way you set up your drilling site.
  3. Durability – Sand silos are designed to hold heavy fracking sand, and therefore should be built in such a way that they are extra durable. Custom-built sand silos will ensure that you get the most from these important storage facilities as long as you are at a site.

At Keystone Oilfield Fabrication LLC, we can make sand silos and any of the other industrial equipment you need to make drilling efficient and effective. Our customers will tell you that we believe in exhibiting honesty and integrity with everything we build, and we’ll work with you to customize your equipment to your specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our customization solutions.