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What are Bulk Plants? An Introductory Guide

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Bulk plants are a key component of any oil production operation. At these facilities, the bulk plants are responsible for storing the diesel fuel, gasoline, or oil in a bulk storage container. These liquid products remain in the bulk storage containers until they are distributed to their predetermined consumer, commercial, or retail outlets.

What are Bulk Plants? An Introductory Guide

Most bulk plants consist of several tanks that sit above ground either in a horizontal or vertical position. In many cases, bulk plants are located closely to railroad sidings. This makes it easier for the railroad tank cars to receive the product before transporting it to its next destination. However, most bulk plants are located on the edge of industrial areas or small municipalities.

But just because bulk plants store oil and other liquid products does not mean they sit near the production site. In many cases, the liquid fuel is delivered to the plant by large tanker trucks and then pumped into the tanks. When an order is placed, the liquid fuel products are then dispersed into smaller tank trucks for delivery to their next location.

We design and manufacture the tanks for bulk plants, and we are known for the quality of our workmanship and our service. If you have any questions about bulk plants and how we can support your operation with the addition of a new tank, reach out to us at Keystone Oilfield Fabrication LLC today.