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Which Custom Features Do You Need On Your Oilfield Cementing Equipment?

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Whether you have a small or mid-sized oilfield operation, you need the right equipment to ensure that your exploration and well drilling efforts go according to plan. One piece of the operation you’re running includes cementing equipment, but there are certain features of the equipment that may be critical to the success of your operation. Which of these custom features would benefit you?

Which Custom Features Do You Need On Your Oilfield Cementing Equipment?

•  Emergency Shutdown- One important feature that you can add to your cementing equipment is an emergency shutdown, which would allow you to better control hazardous situations. Emergency shutdown features can include quick positive shut-off configurations that give you confidence you have maximum control in an unexpected situation.

•  Heating & Cooling Packages- Another customized feature you may want to add to cementing equipment is heating and cooling controls, which ensure that you have a strong and durable product as you are pouring cement on your drilling site.

•  Engine Configurations- Different engine designs are available for your cementing equipment, including single or twin pumps and other diesel configurations. It’s important to have the right engine configuration to ensure the success of your operation.

•  Dual Compartments- If your operation requires more than one compartment for cement mixing and distribution, dual compartments can help expedite your process and provide greater control over this stage of the drilling process.

•  Other Custom Features- Do you have other specific requirements for your cementing equipment for your oil drilling operation? Contact us at Keystone Oilfield Fabrication LLC to learn how we can manufacture custom solutions for every part of your oil drilling outfit.