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3 Common Applications for Structural Steel Erection

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Steel is a common resource to utilize in construction. It’s strong, durable, and long-lasting, making it ideal for larger structures that see a lot of traffic or usage. Structural steel erection services are most frequently used in the commercial and industrial construction industries by providing the proper frameworks for various projects.

3 Common Applications for Structural Steel Erection

Here are just a few common applications that utilize structural steel erection services:

  • Public works. Many public construction projects, such as bridges and parking lots, begin with structural steel erection. Depending on the project, thousands of people may utilize the space on any given day, so making sure the structure is safe and secure is vital. Utilizing structural steel minimizes the risk of collapse or other structural issues.
  • Agricultural structures. Structural steel is also a common resource used in many different agricultural structures, such as silos and barns. The agricultural industry produces so many different products, and each product requires large storing and processing areas. Due to the size of these structures, structural steel erection is typically required during construction.
  • Industrial warehouses. Industrial spaces need to be large enough to accommodate assembly lines, large pieces of equipment, storage space, and more. Less sturdy or reliable structural resources aren’t ideal for these warehouses due to the sheer output of these facilities. Therefore, structural steel is the standard when it comes to beginning construction on an industrial space.

If your commercial or industrial construction project requires structural steel erection services, give us a call at Keystone Steel Services LLC today.