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3 Key Factors in Steel Estimating

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At Keystone Steel Services LLC, we provide comprehensive steel building erection solutions from start to finish. This includes providing accurate steel estimating to ensure that our customers get the most from their project before groundbreaking begins. If you’re planning to build a steel structure, you may have some questions about steel estimating, so you know how to properly budget for your project.

3 Key Factors in Steel Estimating

  1. Fluctuating Steel Prices – Unfortunately, steel pricing often changes by the day. When it comes to steel estimating, it’s important to factor in the cost of steel based on market trends. Often the cost of steel is flexible until such a time as it is delivered to your jobsite. We will work with you to build in some cost fluctuations to help you get a better idea of steel costs for your budget.
  2. Purchase Location – Sometimes the cost of structural steel is affected by the location it’s coming from. The best way to ensure more accurate steel estimating is with an escalation clause in your contract to allow for changes to cost. Our team is close to our steel manufacturers, and we have good relationships with our suppliers, helping to save you money on your bottom line.
  3. Breakdown of Structural Sections – Knowing in advance the different structural sections of your building and the estimated cost of each will help eliminate gray areas around potential costs. When we complete steel estimating, we always deliver a detailed analysis of your expected build so there are no questions related to the overall budgetary outcomes.

You can rely on us to offer complete solutions for your next industrial steel building erection. Contact us today to discuss steel estimating and your steel building requirements.