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Custom Steel Fabrication: Four Tips to Reduce Costs

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When you require custom steel fabrication, you may still be wondering how to manage your bottom line while getting the most from your steel building erection. Luckily, even with the cost of custom steel fabrication, there are some ways you can reduce costs as you plan and build your steel building.

Custom Steel Fabrication: Four Tips to Reduce Costs

  1. Go Cheap for Prototypes – If you’re looking for a prototype of one or more sections of your steel building, don’t go “all in” for the most expensive materials. The prototype is simply meant to be a sample, so using cheaper materials will help save you money as you plan the details of your project before breaking ground.
  2. Avoid Complicated Designs – Even though you have chosen custom steel fabrication for your building construction, that doesn’t mean you can’t save a little money on the design. Depending on what your intended use is for your building, you may be able to negotiate dimensions, levels, and other design simplifications that will save you money during the course of the project.
  3. Minimize with Finishing Options – One place where many people can overspend is actually in the finishings. Taking time to look at all of the finishing options and choosing one that is practical and budget-friendly will help you save money on your bottom line.
  4. Save on Fasteners – Sometimes the smallest part can be the biggest expenditure. Using fancy fasteners isn’t necessary unless you need them for a specific purpose. Choosing readily available fasteners for your project will surely save you time and money.

At Keystone Steel Services LLC, we are equipped to help you with custom steel fabrication solutions, including options for cost savings. If you have questions about an upcoming project or would like help with steel estimating, reach out to us today.