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What to Look for in Steel Erection Companies

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Steel erection is an important part of the construction process for many steel structures, such as bridges or buildings for commercial, retail, and industrial use. Seeing as it can be a very hazardous process that involves hoisting heavy loads and working at great heights, it is essential that this job be done by expert steel erectors. After all, their safety and the safety of everyone who uses the structure when it is completed will depend on them to follow strict standards and get the job done right.

What to Look for in Steel Erection Companies

Here are several things to look for in steel erection companies before hiring:

  • Experience- Knowing how to do something in theory and knowing how to do it in practice are two very different things. That’s why experience is essential when choosing between steel erection companies. A trustworthy company will have successfully completed many steel erection projects before, including projects similar to yours.
  • AISC Certification- AISC stands for the American Institute of Steel Construction, which is an organization that sets the quality standard in the steel industry. When steel erection companies are AISC certified, that means they follow safety standards and quality system procedures that will ensure your project’s success.
  • Open Communication- Depending on the size of the project, steel erection could take a few days or a few weeks. During this time, reliable steel erection companies will keep you updated about their progress and maintain open communication straight through to the end.

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