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What You Need to Know About Structural Steel Erection

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At Keystone Steel Services LLC, one of the things we specialize in is structural steel erection. While structural steel erection is a necessary step in a wide variety of construction projects, there is a lot about the process that those outside the industry do not know. In this article, we’ll go over some key information you should know about structural steel erection in order to get better results on your projects.

What You Need to Know About Structural Steel Erection

•  What Structural Steel Erection Involves. The first thing we want you to know about structural steel erection is that it can involve many different types of services. Steel erection typically starts with cutting and shaping the steel into the desired forms, but it doesn’t often stop there—instead, the steel erection team will then install the steel components and connect them to form the structure for buildings, decks, and more.

•  Work Conditions for Structural Steel Erection. The term structural steel erection refers to using steel components to create buildings, which frequently involves things like installing steel girders and other key components used to give the building strength and stability. As you might imagine, constructing buildings is not easy, and steel erection professionals frequently need to work at great heights to build skyscrapers, and the work itself is physically demanding.

•  Necessary Skills for Structural Steel Erection. A third thing that we want to you understand about structural steel erection is the kinds of skills that are involved in this work. Our team members have to have thorough knowledge of steel shaping and general construction techniques, and we also need to think through problems critically, maintain good spatial awareness, and work together in teams.