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Which Industries Rely on Steel Plate Fabrication?

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Steel fabrication plays an essential role in most aspects of our everyday lives because steel is used in many places, including buildings, bridges, appliances, railways, and more. Few know this better than us at Keystone Steel Services LLC because we create steel products for many different clients on an everyday basis. In particular, we offer steel plate fabrication for a variety of purposes and can tell you that it is essential in many different industries.

Which Industries Rely on Steel Plate Fabrication?

Here are some of the industries that rely on steel plate fabrication:

  • Construction- Steel plates are used in the construction industry all the time. For example, they can provide foundational support for bridges and large commercial structures, such as tall buildings, sports facilities, and even airports.
  • Shipping- Steel plate fabrication is often used to build shipping containers because the steel provides the strength and durability needed to protect cargo.
  • Automotive- Cars and other vehicles use steel plates because their strength helps to protect drivers and passengers from the impact of a collision. The steel is also lightweight, which allows vehicles to perform more efficiently.
  • Oil and gas- Steel plates can be welded for pipelines because steel is malleable and resistant to the elements.
  • Appliances- You may know this already, but many household appliances use steel to increase their longevity. Such appliances may include refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers.

Steel plate fabrication plays an important role in many industries beyond the ones mentioned in this article, and we’re the company to turn to if you need it for your business. Contact our team today to learn more about what we can do for you.