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Things to Know About Regulatory Standards for API Tanks

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The American Petroleum Institute (API) provides standards approved by the government that regulate oil tank storage. These standards dictate the fabrication, construction/welding, and design of tanks, including where they can be placed, inspection requirements, etc. API standards typically apply to tanks that hold process chemicals, like oil, gas, creosote, solvents, wood preservatives, and other chemicals.

Things to Know About Regulatory Standards for API Tanks

At Keystone Tank Manufacturing LLC, we manufacture API tanks that meet these stringent standards and requirements. Requirements for API tanks vary depending on the following factors:

  • What the tank will store
  • The size of the tank
  • Where the tank will be located

The purpose of these standards is to make sure that all tanks are designed, manufactured, installed, and repaired safely and effectively throughout the duration of their functional life. During both the design and fabrication processes, we pay special attention to the materials used to ensure all components meet API standards.

When manufacturing API tanks, we also follow regulations for the type of materials and processes used to weld the components of the tanks together. We undergo non-destructive inspections while fabrication is going on, and some of these inspections include vacuum or radiographic testing of the weld seams and ultrasonic testing of the materials.

Order API tanks from us and rest assured that we follow all standards and regulations set forth by the American Petroleum Institute. If you have any questions about these standards and how they affect our manufacturing processes, contact us today.