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Understanding the Basic Process for Steel Estimating

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Estimating structural steel is a complex process dependent on a variety of factors unique to every new build. However, the quantity of the steel being purchased for the project and the location of the material purchased are some of the biggest factors that impact steel estimating and the total cost of steel for a new building.

Understanding the Basic Process for Steel Estimating

At Keystone Steel Services LLC, we primarily price steel by its weight, so knowing what structural sections of a building will include steel is important for accurate steel estimating. Although custom to every client and project, our general process for steel estimating is as follows:

  • We group all the steel to be used for the project by its grade.
  • We group the material either by every section or member type.
  • We specify the beams and details of every floor.
  • We take off quantities for flooring or bracing under separate areas.
  • We estimate quantities for plates, connectors, and accessories.

Steel estimating is exactly that – an estimate. If you have us fabricate and erect the steel components of your structure, the final total could change. But thanks to innovative technology, experience, and our expertise, our steel estimating process ensures measurements and cost estimates that are as reliable as possible.

Steel estimating is a foundational component of any building project, and you should not skip this step if you plan to erect steel structures of any complexity. For more information about our estimating procedures or to schedule a steel estimate for new construction, contact us today.