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What Are Environmental Roll-Off Containers?

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At Keystone Waste Solutions LLC, we specialize in providing solutions to all your waste disposal and management needs. For example, we offer environmental roll-off containers to help you prevent hazardous materials from damaging the environment.

What Are Environmental Roll-Off Containers?

In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of what environmental roll-off containers are and how they work to help you decide if they are right for your purposes.

  • Purpose of Environmental Roll-Off Containers – The best way to explain what environmental roll-off containers are is to explain what they are used for. The purpose of these containers is to store materials that could potentially damage the environment, such as sludge, drywall mud, industrial concrete, and more, until they can be disposed of safely.
  • Types of Environmental Roll-Off Containers – There are several types of environmental roll-off containers, each designed to handle specific types of hazardous waste. These include:
    • Sludge Containers – These environmental roll-off containers are completely sealed to prevent liquid and semi-liquid waste from leaking out, and they are also equipped with tightly fitting lids to prevent accidental exposure to the waste.
    • Dewatering Containers – This type of environmental roll-off container is designed to allow the liquid components of concrete and other construction materials to separate from the solids. This makes it easier to dispose of each component of the mixture. These containers consist of an outer shell with an interior mesh shell that allows the liquid to leak out. The liquid collects in the bottom, and it can be released via drains on the lower rear door and sides.
    • Vacuum Containers – Vacuum containers are specialized environmental roll-off containers designed to prevent even fumes from escaping. If you are using materials known for giving off toxic or hazardous fumes, we encourage you to use one of these containers at your site.