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Your Guide for Selecting Compaction Roll-off Containers

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When selecting the right compaction roll-off containers, there are several factors to consider, including the type of waste you will be compacting, the size and capacity of the container, and the frequency of use.

Your Guide for Selecting Compaction Roll-off Containers

Types of Compaction Roll-Off Containers

There are two types of compaction roll-off containers: stationary and self-contained. Stationary containers are anchored to the ground and are typically used for businesses that generate a large amount of waste. Self-contained containers can be easily moved, making them suitable for businesses that generate less waste.

The size and capacity of these containers vary. The ones you need depend on the volume of waste generated and the frequency with which you use the container. We can give you our recommendations if you are still determining what size and capacity you need.

We Can Help You Choose

These containers make waste management more efficient. Here are the main considerations for choosing compaction roll-off containers.

  • Standard-Duty vs. Heavy-Duty. When selecting a compaction container, the first step is determining the suitable duty level for your needs. Standard-duty containers are suitable for light to moderate waste loads. If you haul infrequently, it may suffice. However, companies that generate excessive loads daily should opt for heavy-duty containers.
  • Size. Compaction roll-off containers come in various sizes. The best size will be determined by the volume of waste produced.
  • Features. Many containers have features such as lids that keep trash contained and prevent odors from escaping. Others have automatic compactors that compress the waste, reducing labor needs.
  • Your Budget. Compaction roll-off containers range in price depending on their size, weight, and the features included.

When choosing compaction roll-off containers, our team at Keystone Waste Solutions LLC offers an extensive range of containers. Contact us if you have questions or want details about selecting the ideal compaction roll-off container for your company.