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Our Goal is to let you focus on what you do, let us handle the rest!

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We specialize in the manufacture and service of waste-handling equipment.

At Keystone Waste Solutions LLC, we never lose sight of our customers’ success. We specialize in the manufacture and servicing of all waste-handling equipment, including front loads, rear loads, side loads, roll offs, environmental, sludge, oilfield applications, and specialty, engineered-to-order products.

But we are more than another equipment supplier. As your full-service partner, we are focused on improving the total cost of owning waste-handling equipment to improve your bottom line. By forming a partnership with our waste solutions division, you receive problem-solving recommendations to meet your needs. For example, we can provide a complete line of new equipment, equipment refurbishing, or mobile or on-site service and repair solutions completely customized to your specifications.

Currently, we serve the Rhome, Texas area, as well as several surrounding states, including Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico. We can also ship our waste-handling equipment anywhere in the U.S. We come to you armed with industry experience and impressive technical knowledge to solve the handling, collection, and transport challenges facing today’s waste-handling operators. Our products increase profitability and efficiency thanks to our solutions always built with the customer in mind.

We are your convenient, one-stop source for all your operation’s waste equipment manufacturing needs. We can build products to handle all types of waste and recyclables, and our outstanding customer support and service makes us a desirable partner to have to help your business. For an accurate, comprehensive estimate on new waste-handling equipment for your operation, contact us today. 

Keystone Advantage

Keystone Waste Solutions (KWS), specializes in the manufacturing and servicing of all waste-handling equipment including:

  • Front Loads
  • Rear Loads
  • Side Loads
  • Roll Offs
  • Environmental
  • Sludge
  • Oilfield Applications
  • Specialty/Engineered-to-Order Products

We specialize in the manufacture and service of waste-handling equipment!

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In 2020, Bram Chappell, joined the Keystone team to kick off Keystone Waste Solutions (KWS).“In my 25 years in the waste industry, I have seen too many companies lose focus on the success of the customer.Everything a company does should be about solving problems for their customers.I am excited to partner with a company that shares this value!” – Bram Chappell

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