Service Area

Oilfield Equipment & Services

Whether your equipment fails at the job site, or you need to establish an on-going maintenance program for your entire fleet, we can help keep your equipment running efficiently.

  • Pressure Pumping
  • Sand Silos
  • Cementing Equipment
  • Bulk Plants
  • Field Services


Constantly Innovating Oilfield Equipment Services


Keystone Oilfield Equipment and Services specializes in the design and fabrication of heavy grade oilfield transportation equipment and proppant storage, including

  • Single and Dual T-belts
  • Large Volume Mobile and Stationary Sand Storage Units
  • Acid Tanks
  • Off Loading Conveyors
  • Blenders
  • Frac Units* (Highlight)
  • Cementing Equipment
  • Field Bins

Units can be designed for the specific needs of our clients to ensure the highest satisfaction. Our additional services include equipment consultation and the ability to refurbish any outdated equipment. From our comprehensive Customer Support Agreements to our overall Parts and Service capabilities, we stand ready to meet all of your equipment needs.