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We produce high-quality steel products for nearly every industry.

Today, many builders and production managers rely on ready-made or off-the-shelf products and components. But in some cases, a custom product is needed, which is where we come in at Keystone Steel Services LLC. We provide steel fabrication services to organizations, builders, companies, and contractors throughout the Rhome, Texas area, delivering on our promise of excellence with every completed project.

Steel Fabrication, Rhome, TX

Our steel fabrication services feature the following advantages:

  • Steel components fabricated with top-of-the-line equipment
  • Steel components fabricated by skilled team members who pay critical attention to detail
  • Ability to deliver steel components in a standard primed, finish, or specialty coated condition

By working with us for your steel fabrication needs, you ensure all parts are custom-made for your specific application. We use the latest machining and fabricating equipment, including CNC machines, millers, and welders. Our goal is to provide fabricated components and assemblies that meet or exceed your expectations in terms of quality and enhance your current project.

We have served a variety of industries and organizations since our start in 2009, and we have established ourselves as a leader in the steel fabrication industry. We guarantee products completed on time and are committed to work with you to find ways to accommodate your budgetary requirements whenever you rely on us for custom metal fabrication.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to go above and beyond when you require steel fabrication for a project. Contact us today to schedule an estimate or to learn more about our capabilities.

FAQs About Our Steel Fabrication Services

Steel fabrication is one of our core services at Keystone Steel Services LLC. Below, we have answered a few common questions we receive about our steel fabrication processes and capabilities.

What equipment do you use for steel fabrication?

We only use the latest machining and fabricating equipment while working on steel fabrication projects. Depending on the scope of the project, we may use equipment such as welders, millers, and CNC machines.

How long have you been doing steel fabrication?
We have been providing steel fabrication services to many industries since 2009. This extensive experience allows us to exceed client expectations and provide precise custom work on every project.
What timeframe do you give clients for steel fabrication?
This depends on the specific part being fabricated. When you bring your design plans to use, we will give you a general estimate for when we expect your project to be completed.
What sets your steel fabrication process apart?
There are several things that set our steel fabrication processes apart. For example, all our steel components are fabricated with top-of-the-line equipment, our steel components are fabricated by skilled team members, and we have the ability to provide steel components in standard, primed, finish, or specialty coated condition.
How do I get a quote for a project?
Our goal is to exceed your expectations with the quality of our steel fabrication services. To get a quote for your project or to learn more about our capabilities, contact us directly.

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