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Bathtub-Style Open-Top Roll-Off Containers, Rhome, TX

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We are happy to go over the benefits associated with our bathtub-style open-top roll-off containers.

There are many different things to consider when choosing a particular style of roll-off containers. Whether you are purchasing waste management equipment for your own waste disposal needs or to provide services for various area businesses, you need a style that meets the objectives that you have in mind. At Keystone Waste Solutions LLC in Rhome, Texas, we know that waste disposal companies often want roll-off containers with smooth sides so that their signage is visible. Bathtub-style open-top roll-off containers are perfectly suited for this objective, as they do not have an exterior rail structure.

Bathtub-Style Open-Top Roll-Off Containers in Rhome, Texas

Another benefit of bathtub-style open-top roll-off containers is that they nest more easily than other styles. If you frequently deliver multiple units to jobsites, you’ll find it far easier to transport these roll-off containers. They are also easier to store, so you’ll need less open space. With space often at a premium these days, it makes sense to use nestable bathtub-style open-top roll-off containers.

Keystone Waste Solutions LLC is solution-oriented business, to provide a customized container that suits your needs!

We offer various sizes of bathtub-style open-top roll-off containers, ranging from 15 to 40-yard capacities. We can also customize your containers based on your specifications, including creating a different size. We also have tarp, lid, and roof options, as well as hook lift, dual hook, and other skid compatible options. We are confident that you’ll appreciate the extra effort we put into our bathtub-style open-top roll-off containers, including taking care that front and rear door corners are ground smooth to prevent tarp damage. Reach out today with any questions you might have or to get started with an order. We deliver throughout North America!

Specification Sheet Roll-Off Bathtub Style Specs