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Bumper-Style Trailers, Rhome, TX

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Need a more compact trailer for your company? Consider a bumper-style trailer.

Trailer-Style Roll-Off ContainersTransporting waste for your company is oftentimes easier with a large trailer. Trailers provide you with the additional space that may be required when you can’t fit the volume of waste in a standard truck. However, selecting the right trailer for your needs depends on a few factors. If you’re looking for a trailer that is more compact and doesn’t require as much space, bumper-style trailers are the way to go.

There are many features of bumper-style trailers that make them appealing to companies, such as their relative ease of use. When turning your vehicle, bumper-style trailers follow the vehicle’s path, making turning and driving much easier for more inexperienced tow vehicle drivers. If this is your first time using a trailer to transport products or waste for your company, you’re likely to find success with a bumper-style trailer.

Bumper-style trailers are also a good choice for companies with a variety of different vehicles available. All that’s required to hook up a bumper-style trailer to a vehicle is a ball hitch at the rear of your vehicle, so you can attach this trailer to an SUV, truck, or any vehicle with this ball hitch feature.

If you’re in the Rhome, Texas area and need a trailer for your company, come talk to us here at Keystone Waste Solutions LLC. We’ll ask you about your situation and talk to you about your options when it comes to purchasing a trailer, such as the type and size of trailer that would be best for your specific needs.