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Choosing the Best Type of Oilfield Storage

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If you’re in need of oilfield storage, you may already know that you are looking for something specific, like sand silos or proppant storage. The only thing that could make your decision difficult is knowing how to choose the best type of storage so that your oil drilling operation goes well. How exactly should you choose the best storage solutions?

Choosing the Best Type of Oilfield Storage

There are several things that come into play with oilfield storage, the first being space. For example, it’s easy to want to choose flat proppant storage because of its accessibility and capacity. If you only have limited space at your site, however, flat proppant storage may not be the best choice because it takes up quite a bit of space. An alternative solution in this case would be silo proppant storage because it is a more space-saving option.

Another important part of oilfield storage is sand silos, which hold frac sand that you’ll need while drilling. In order to choose the best type of silo, you may want to ask yourself which loading and unloading features will best suit your drilling operation. Do you need loading options for trucks, or something for bigger haul-away?

One of the most important things you can do is choose customized oilfield storage that is ideal for your site. This is the most practical solution to make drilling more efficient and effective, whatever the scope and size of your project may be.

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