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What You Should Know About Our Trailer-Style Roll Off Containers

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At Keystone Waste Solutions LLC, we manufacture trailer-style roll-off containers and flat beds built to your specific application and equipment. Our trailer-style roll-off containers are made to last and designed to meet the rigors of your daily operation.

Who should purchase one of our trailer-style roll-off containers? You could benefit from investing in these containers if:

  • You want to move open top roll-off dumpsters all day without your equipment breaking down.
  • You need a heavy-duty, reliable solution for your roll-off trailers.
  • You require great customer service along with short production lead times.

We manufacture trailer-style roll-off containers to fit many different brands of roll-off trailers, including:

  • MaxxD roll-off trailers (60” and 74” rail systems)
  • PJ roll-off trailers
  • Lone Star roll-off Trailer
  • Texas Pride trailers (both standard rail and 47” Rail systems)

We can manufacture any trailer-style roll-off containers or flat bed in a variety of sizes with many add-on features, depending on your specific requirements. Our container design incorporates the standard features from the larger roll-off containers, including heavy-duty rear corner post, latches and hinges to prevent downtime and costly repairs. We also offer skid conversions for customers moving to a standard rail or hook system from one of the many proprietary trailer systems on the market today.

We are more than just another equipment supplier – we are your full-service partner focused on improving the operations of your business with the right container solutions. To place an order for a new roll-off container or to learn more about our solutions and manufacturing advantages, contact us today.


Texas Pride Roll-off Containers

MaxxD, LoneStar, PJ roll-off Containers