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We Can Fabricate Tanks for Your Bulk Plants

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Bulk plants are facilities used to temporarily store oil and other types of liquid products before they are distributed for commercial, consumer, or retail use. Most bulk plants consist of many aboveground tanks either in a horizontal or vertical arrangement. Oil is generally delivered to bulk plants by way of large tanker trucks that pump this liquid into the tanks. When delivery to another facility occurs, a smaller tanker truck will complete this part of the process after filling up at the bulk plant.

We Can Fabricate Tanks for Your Bulk Plants

Storing oil at your bulk plant must be done effectively to ensure ease of access for tanker trucks and efficiency filling orders to other outlets. At Keystone Oilfield Fabrication LLC, we fabricate tanks and other equipment for bulk plants located in the Rhome, Texas area. Let us know your requirements, and we will fulfill your order with excellence from beginning to end.

We recognize that the tanks used to store oil at your bulk plant must meet certain regulatory requirements, as well as functional requirements for your particular plant. We will consult with you thoroughly before putting together plans to fabricate your tanks to ensure your new equipment meets your exact needs and enhances your operation overall.

We support bulk plants and the important role they play in the oil delivery process with custom tanks that exceed expectations. To get a quote for new equipment for your bulk plant or to learn more about our qualifications, please contact us today.