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Storage Factors to Consider in Your Oilfield Design [infographic]

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At Keystone Oilfield Fabrication LLC, we are dedicated to ensuring your oilfield design is conducive to your company’s success. One essential element of effective oilfield design is choosing the correct storage equipment for your oilfield’s needs. Allow us to suggest several storage factors for you to consider when you create your oilfield design.

Storage Factors to Consider in Your Oilfield Design

  • Safety- Oil and its petroleum byproducts are considered hazardous substances. They can be harmful to human health as well as the environment, so it is extremely important to invest in storage equipment that will keep them contained effectively.
  • Weather Protection- Hydraulic fracking requires the use of proppant like sand to keep fissures open. Flat storage and silo storage are both options for storing proppant, but flat storage leaves proppant exposed to the elements, while silo storage offers weather protection.
  • Accessibility- Your oilfield design should make accessibility a priority. For your operations to run smoothly, your workers need to be able to access, load, transport, and unload materials without much difficulty. At the same time, you need to be sure they can only be accessed by the right people.
  • Space Efficiency- Your oilfield design must factor in the size of the property and the amount of available space for storage equipment. Using space as efficiently as possible allows you to maximize production.

We are here to address your oilfield design needs with our storage equipment and other services. Contact us today to explore our oilfield storage options or learn more about how we can optimize your oilfield design.