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What it Means to Purchase an ASME Pressure Vessel

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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) creates the code for the pressure vessel industry. In the 1880s, ASME was founded after multiple steam boiler pressure vessel failures here in the U.S. ASME is the organization that still sets the standards for the pressure tank industry and creates the ASME code today.

What it Means to Purchase an ASME Pressure Vessel

In most states here in the U.S., any ASME pressure vessel that has an internal pressure greater than 15 psi must be manufactured and designed according to the rules of ASME code. These standards apply to most pressure vessels that will contain a pressurized liquid or gas, as well as any pressure vessel that will hold a lethal substance, such as post-weld heat treatment or x-ray examination treatment.

We are dedicated to making sure that all ASME pressure vessels we create meet the requirements of ASME code and their standards for pressure tank production methods. These standards specifically apply to the design, manufacture, and testing of pressure vessels, and we consistently review our methods to ensure we meet these regulations.

If you need an ASME pressure vessel to support your production processes, we can meet your specific requirements while also ensuring your new pressure vessel aligns with ASME code. Our goal is to exceed your expectations during production and during every interaction with our excellent customer service. To place an order for a new ASME pressure vessel or learn more about how we follow industry regulations, contact us today.