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Top Considerations for a New ASME Pressure Vessel

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All of the new ASME pressure vessels we manufacture at Keystone Tank Manufacturing LLC are made to order. This gives you the power to design your ASME pressure vessel according to your exact specifications to support your operation precisely.

Top Considerations for a New ASME Pressure Vessel

Since you do not have to make a standard ASME pressure vessel work for you, there are many factors you should take into account before placing your order. These include:

  • The material of the tank (stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.)
  • The orientation of your tank (vertical or horizontal)
  • The design pressure and temperature
  • Access type (bolted manway, hinged manway, or elliptical manway)
  • Top/bottom or end shape (flat, open, removable, conical, dish)
  • Surface finish (painted, galvanized, mill finish, or sandblasted)

Even if you do not know all of these details for your ASME pressure vessel, you can still turn to us for help with the project. Our experienced sales staff can give you recommendations based on the aspects of your site and intended usage. Our main focus is always on customer success, so we can act as a helpful guide during all phases of design and manufacture.

We are a recognized leader in the pressure vessel and tank industry, thanks to the high quality of our engineering and exceptional production capabilities. Request a quote for an ASME pressure vessel today and let us know how you want to customize your new vessel.