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Octagon Receiver Roll-Off Containers, Rhome, TX

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You can count on quality and unrivalled customer service when you trust us to make your octagon receiver roll-off containers.

One of the challenges when dealing with waste is being able to compact it effectively and reliably. At Keystone Waste Solutions LLC, we offer a solution to this issue that we are confident you will appreciate. Octagon receiver roll-off containers address both the repeated pressure that a compactor experiences and a contour that enables thorough compaction. This allows you to haul more waste with fewer trips.

Octagon Receiver Roll-Off Containers in Rhome, Texas

Our octagon receiver roll-off containers come in a standard 40-yard size, but we are able to fabricate other sizes upon request. We are always willing to work with our customers to produce specialty, engineered-to-order products. Regardless of whether you go with a standard option or a custom one, you can rest assured that our waste-handling equipment is built to last. We know how important strength, longevity, and reliability are to you.

Keystone Waste Solutions LLC is solution-oriented business, to provide a customized container that suits your needs!

We never lose our focus on our responsibility and partnership in your company’s success. We pride ourselves on being problem-solvers, whether that means supplying you with new equipment, refurbishing existing equipment, or providing on-site service and repair within our service area. We are located in Rhome, Texas but are available for services throughout the state and neighboring states. In addition, we can ship our octagon receiver roll-off containers to anywhere in North America.

If you have any questions about our octagon receiver roll-off containers or any of our waste-handling equipment solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Specification Sheet Roll-Off Octagon Compaction Specs