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3 Signs You Need Truck Repair Services

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If any of the trucks in your fleet break down or malfunction in any way, you can turn to our team at Keystone Truck & Equipment to get the expert assistance you need. We have extensive experience in the automotive industry, and we have repaired countless commercial trucks over the years.

3 Signs You Need Truck Repair Services

In this article, we’ll go over a few signs you might need our truck repair services. If you notice any of the following issues in your fleet vehicles, make sure to give us a call right away.  

  • Difficulty Turning – If any of the drivers on your team report trouble turning, you should take their concerns seriously and act promptly. Issues with turning can be caused by problems with the tires or wheel alignment, and these issues can create serious problems for those on the road. Our truck repair team can assess the state of your alignment and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your trucks turn properly.
  • Grinding Sounds – Another sign you need truck repair services is grinding sounds or other unusual noises coming from any part of the vehicle. When your engine starts making new sounds, it’s because something changed, and you should get the vehicle checked out to make sure the change doesn’t lead to a major breakdown or costly repairs.
  • Poor Fuel Economy – Lastly, we encourage you to pay attention to the fuel economy of each of your trucks. If any of your trucks are getting less mileage than they used to, it’s likely you need truck repair services. Our team has the right knowledge and experience to assess your engines to determine what is causing the decline in efficiency and to correct the issue for you.