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A Brief Overview of Cementing Equipment We Manufacture

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We expertly manufacture cementing equipment here at Keystone Oilfield Fabrication LLC. Oil cementing equipment refers to a set of tools and specialized equipment used when cementing oil wells. The cementing process is critical for completing new oil wells, as the purpose is to permanently seal the area to prevent fluids from moving between the different zones of the well.

A Brief Overview of Cementing Equipment We Manufacture

There are many different types of oil cementing equipment we manufacture, and some of these components include cement pumps, float collars, cementing heads, centralizers, and casing accessories. Here is a closer look at the different purposes some of these different components can serve:

  • Centralizers—A centralizer is a device put on the casing to make sure that it remains centered on the wellbore. If the casing is not centered, the cement can be unevenly distributed.
  • Casing accessories—These accessories allow for efficient removal of the casing, reducing the time and cost of additional drilling operations.
  • Float collars—These devices sit at the bottom of the casing to prevent the cement from flowing back up into the casing.

We design and manufacture all our oil cementing equipment to operate under high pressure, high temperatures, and around different types of corrosive fluids. All our equipment is made to be durable and reliable to ensure the success of any cementing operation.

If you need cementing equipment, we can provide high-quality components that exceed expectations. To learn more about the oil cementing equipment we design and manufacture, contact us today.