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Steel Erection: A Closer Look at the Delivery and Erection of Steel Components

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The delivery and erection of steel components are complex processes with multiple steps. At Keystone Steel Services LLC, we are meticulous and thorough with our planning to ensure every steel erection project runs smoothly – even a minor misstep at any point can result in expensive delays and potentially undermine the integrity and safety of the project.

Steel Erection

The general steel erection process we follow to ensure project success includes the following steps:

  • Preparation—During every steel erection project, we make sure all components arrive onsite ready for installation. This might mean everything from making sure all holes are drilled to applying protective coatings to steel beams.
  • Practice—Our fabricators may conduct a series of trial assemblies at our plant prior to delivery to ensure the efficacy of the steel parts.
  • Timing—We know that having your steel parts at the building site exactly when you need them is key to the success of your project. We’ll time your delivery carefully to ensure your project progresses as it should.
  • Delivery—We deliver your steel components with all necessary clips, bracing, and connection materials on our pre-scheduled delivery date.
  • Installation—Our steel erection process can be divided into four important steps. First, we make sure the foundation is safe, stable, and properly prepared for erection. We then lift and place the sections into position. Then, we align all components and, finally, bolt these steel parts into place.

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