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Steel Erection 101

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We at Keystone Steel Services LLC have extensive experience in working with steel, and we offer expert steel erection services to help you with your next construction project. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of what steel erection is and how the process works in order to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Steel Erection 101

What is steel erection?

To put it simply, steel erection is the process of constructing the steel framework for buildings, and it can also involve repairing or altering those steel structural elements. Steel erection is not required for all construction projects, as not all buildings contain steel structures, but it is used extensively in the construction of office buildings, apartment complexes, and similarly large structures.

How does steel erection work?

Steel erection can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it generally follows the same basic formula:

  • Installation of Uprights – One of the first steps in steel erection is installing the upright beams that will form the vertical supports for the finished structure. These are anchored into the foundation, then extended upwards as the erection process continues.
  • Installation of Cross-beams – Next, we install steel crossbeams to connect the uprights together. This gives the whole structure more strength and rigidity, and these horizontal crossbeams also form the base for the upper floors.
  • Use of Cranes – This is not a sequential step in the steel erection process but instead an explanation of what tools and equipment are used throughout. Because steel beams are so heavy and long, our team uses cranes to lift them and maneuver them into place. Then, our technicians will firmly bolt them together to create a strong structure.