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Front-Load vs. Rear-Load Containers

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We at Keystone Waste Solutions LLC offer a wide variety of waste management services and products, and one of the most popular of these products is our roll-off and small containers. Our company has an extensive background in steel fabrication, and we use these skills to manufacture a wide range of container styles. Two of our most popular options are our front- and rear-load containers, and in this article, our team will go over a few differences between them to help you determine which is right for your needs.

Front-Load vs. Rear-Load Containers

Front-Load Containers

  • Versatility – One advantage of front-load containers is that they tend to be more versatile than rear-load containers, which makes them suited to more applications.
  • Safety – Front-load containers are also better at keeping their contents inside during transit, which means they are less likely to let trash spill into the street on the way to the landfill or other disposal facility.

Rear-Load Containers

  • Easy to Use – Rear-load containers are designed to be easy to operate—in particular, it’s easier to unload this type of container into a landfill.
  • Less Maintenance – Rear-load containers are also designed to be easy to maintain, which means they are a great choice for long-term use. Less maintenance also makes them cheaper to operate, which will save you money in the long run.
  • More Reliable – The reason rear-load containers require less maintenance is that they have fewer moving parts than other designs, which also makes them more reliable.
  • More Maneuverable – Rear-load containers are also easier to transport and maneuver and are able to fit through narrow gaps that other styles of container could not.