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We Can Build Sand Silos to Meet Your Unique Needs

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At Keystone Oilfield Fabrication LLC, we built and delivered 83 SandKings sand silos in our first year, and we have continued to beat our projections year after year. We believe we have become a popular choice for sand silos because of our decades of combined experience and our dedication to excellence for our products and services.

We Can Build Sand Silos to Meet Your Unique Needs

We are centrally located in Rhome, Texas, so we are able to serve the many oil companies throughout the state with the oilfield equipment and services they need. Instead of purchasing a new or used silo that might not fit your needs, reach out to us to have your sand silos crafted to your exact specifications. We can create whatever style you require, including portable sand silos with whatever capacity your company needs.

We will work with you to learn what features you need for your custom sand silos, such as the type and color of finish, clearance under the slide gate, and the configuration of the bottom and roof cones. Our sand silos can accommodate a wide variety of applications, including sand mines, staging areas, and more. Just let us know the diameter you need and the capacity in either cubic feet, imperial tons, or metric tons. Also advise us of any added options you require, such as catwalks, skids, ladders, gates, and more.

If you have questions about our sand silos or any of our oilfield equipment or services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.